Productivity Hack – Get Things Done (GTD) Method

Whether it be in our careers or in our personal lives, we all struggle with the endless tasks and to-do lists and the mental load that comes with getting it all done.  It can feel overwhelming and paralyzing day in and day out.  Are you ready for a productivity hack that will empower your ability to get it all done and give you peace of mind at the same time?  Meet the GTD Method!

The Getting Things Done (GTD) method is a game-changing philosophy developed by best-selling author David Allen, to keep you organized, increase your task visibility, and enable that dopamine release that comes with getting it all done. Instead of wasting time and precious mental real-estate remembering ongoing tasks, what’s coming down the pipeline, or the small details of various projects, the GTD method recommends that you create a master to-do list which helps alleviate the mental real estate required to juggle and ultimately execute.  This master list will allow you to visually understand what is to come and what is required of you to execute.  Another important key to success with the GTD method is to use the tools that work best for you – whether it be a paper to-do list, paper calendar, digital calendar, digital to-do list, hybrid method – whatever it is, the most important rule is to use what works best for you! 

The GTD method focuses on 5 main pillars to set you up for success: Capture, Clarify, Organize, Reflect, and Engage.

Capture it all (to-dos, your ideas, reoccurring tasks, reoccurring bills, due dates) and capture it as soon as it occurs so that you don’t have to think about it again.  Basically, put it on autopilot and move on!

Clarify exactly what needs to be done and when it needs to be done.  In doing this first step you will simultaneously identify what doesn’t need to be done.  Then, break down each task into actionable steps to eliminate any barriers that may come with completing each task.

Organize each action item by category and priority.  Really boil it down with due dates, reminders, follow-ups, etc.  Make sure to compartmentalize work obligations and personal/family obligations.

Reflect on your to-do list and take the time to conduct an in-depth audit periodically.  Really ponder what your next action should be and immediately act on the things that require little time and energy to do right away (10 minutes or less).  Make sure to identify any vague items and break it down further.  Doing this will give you more energy and build your confidence to tackle more difficult tasks/to-dos.

Engage with your roadmap! Dive right in and get it all done now that you’ve built your roadmap into digestible, bite-sized chunks!  Get to Work!

Give the GTD method a whirl and watch your productivity soar to new heights!

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