Self-development is a life-long journey that involves setting goals, acquiring new skills, curating unique life experiences, and expanding your perception and knowledge base.  Perception = reality, so we each see and interpret reality through our own unique lens.  On the journey of self-development, it is fundamental to cultivate a growth mindset that will enable you to think in different ways, challenge your boundaries, and step outside of your own comfort zone. True growth occurs outside of your comfort zone!

Start by building a vision for your goals and then get more focused and intentional by outlining a plan with due dates.  Put it on the calendar and make it happen!  Each calendar entry will serve as a visual reminder that you set a goal that you intend to meet.  Other great self-development tools include reading personal/professional development books, watching/listening to videos, taking courses of interest, tapping into your network, meeting new people, attending in-person events, etc.  You must invest something (time, energy, money) to reap the benefits!

A key component of your success will also be to ensure that you prioritize both your physical and mental health on this journey, so that you are not neglecting your own needs in the process.  There is no perfect balance but strive for some form of equilibrium.  It’s also important to find joy and interests outside of professional obligations.  Many successful people have hobbies and interests that are completely unrelated to their professional work.

Investing in yourself takes intention, dedication, self-reflection, and commitment, which opens a whole new world of opportunities that were previously nonexistent.  Become obsessed with your own growth and self-development and watch your entire life change!

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